Can’t sleep

My inability to sleep at night causes me to wake up and write.  I’m starting to believe my fate and destiny are at work.  Maybe that’s for the best, because I think some of my best post are born out of my midnight lack of slumber.

Well here are my updates thus far:

  1. I’ve pinned the titles for the chapters in my book and I must say, I can’t wait until it’s finished.  It’s going to be awesome and very inspirational!
  2. I’m writing in my journal more often.  My thoughts, plans and feelings, are helping me become more organized and reopening those once closed doors of my creativity.
  3. I’m planning more family time, and things to do.  Which makes for happier kids and wonderful childhood memories.
  4. I’m working on planning out my meals so that I can become more creative and eventful with my cooking.
  5. I have not figured out what personal URL I want for my blog, still working on it.
  6. I have yet to start my makeup instruction classes for young ladies and women looking to learn how to create an everyday, natural look; and take that look into an evening look.  As well as teach them basic skincare techniques to maintain healthy looking skin underneath their makeup.
  7. I also want to begin to scout Chicago for new and hidden ventures that would be fun for family.
  8. This is also the week that I start my 21 day jump activities.

All of these activities will help me stay in line with the majority of my plans and goals for 2017.  I want to make this year and the years to come, more and more memorable.  I do not want to have any what ifs, I want to take advantage of everyday and make the most of it.  Charting my goals and progress is not only going to keep me on track, but maybe it will help someone else.  We’ll see!!


Women please allow the men to have their day, “Father’s Day”!

A Father's Love

I commented on a status today on Facebook, regarding women allowing men to have their day, “Father’s day” because we had ours “Mother’s Day”, well the response of some women was, “nope cuz I’m both.”  This disturbs me to no end.  The definition of a father is, “a MAN who has begotten a child.

I understand women who have to play both parenting roles, as I am a single mother who does just that.  However, a woman can never take the place of a man, nor can she teach a boy how to be a man. Being a single mother requires so much patience, understanding, discipline, love, sacrifice, hope, perserverance,  investment and hardwork.  This is the makeup of a mother.  Maternal consistency will never equate to that of the paternal figure. 

I remember how so many years ago, I use to say that I was celebrating Father’s day, well I did this until I knew better and I began to forgive, forget and move forward in my life.  When you release yourself of the rensentment that you hold against your childs father, it is then, and only then that you can allow yourself to celebrate the father’s who are a constant in their child(ren) lives.  I have realized now more than ever that there are more men playing both parenting roles than ever before, but they will never get the recogniition that a Mother receives for doing this.  A man will never be able to fill the void of a mother, just as a mother can and will never fill the void of an absentee father. So ladies I pose this question, What about single men who play both roles, shouldn’t they get the same recognition on Mother’s day as theirs too?

Women, I urge you to celebrate the good father’s on Father’s day, and allow them to have the one day that they are entitled. There must be a man that acted/acts as a father figure in your life or your child(ren) life, whether it is an uncle, grandfather, cousin, brother, Pastor, Deacon, or just a positve male figure.  Celebrate the awesome father’s that are still in the world.  Let’s build them up, and in the process, maybe it will encourage absentee father’s to become more present in the lives of their children.   Try not to dwell on what he hasn’t done and/or failed to do and allow him to be present, because you may not need him, but your child(ren) does.  Don’t allow your problems with this man, to affect your child(ren).