Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017. I feel greatness, peace, tranquility, love, happiness, success and immeasurable blessings on the horizon.  I’ll keep you updated on all of these facets in the days, weeks and months to come. I wish all of these things and more for you as well.

This year I’m working on consistency and releasing the spirit of procrastination.  Writing is my joy and I have missed it tremendously. So I’m back at it!!  Also, I’m currently working on creating  a personal URL for my blog, as I want to take this more seriously. Which leads me to another one of my goals this year, and that is to make progress on finishing my book. I will enlighten you on that as well, in the weeks to come.

Happy New Year and I wish you blessings, on blessings, on blessings!!


Old memories, lead to new ones

I just realized how long it’s been since I blogged, as I finally decided to get back on here today.

Soooo much has happened in my life, some good, some bad, but I keep pushing and smiling along the way because I feel that greater is coming!

The latter part of this year for me, has been spent reminiscing about times when life just seemed simpler and more fonder memories of and with family.  I miss those times where it would be so many of us spread out, yet close together celebrating every holiday at my grandmother’s home.  Full of food, fun, laughter and enjoyment of family. Those were the best of times for me.

Well, let’s just fast forward to my Christmas of 2016. It was a blessed and wonderful memory for myself, my children and my brothers.  One that I will cherish for ever and a day.

I began my Christmas morning at church and what a wonderful blessed service it was.  Then I came home and finished cooking to prepare for my two brothers and their significant others, my boys grandparents, my mom and my three sons.  A much smaller gathering than we usually have, but nonetheless wonderful. We exchanged gifts, ate, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.  The icing on the cake came before any dessert was served.  We get the news that my youngest brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve.  It was the most wonderful news, I will be gaining another sister.  (I say another, because my six girlfriends from college are the bestest 😄 gifts I ever received, we are 20 years in. They are no longer friends, but family).

All in all, my kids were blessed with everything they wanted, so was my mother, the grandparents, my brothers, and their significant others. I love, love and I adore my family.

This year created one of the best memories ever!  I’m wishing you and and yours a blessed holiday season!!20161225_124411

The End Makes Room for New Beginnings!

As 2015 comes to a close, all I can think about are my memories, heartaches, lessons learned and my happiest moments. I also began to think of how 2016 is fastly approaching, and how I am excited about all that is to come. I will no longer end the year with resolutions for the coming year. However, I will set goals that are reachable and that I will put into action for the new year.

I am glad to say that I’ve ended the year blogging, more than I have in the beginning of the year. I realize that writing has always been a part of me and when I’m not writing there is something that is missing in my life. I do remember that in my previous post, I stated that I would add a list of things that you all could use to create memories with your own children and families for the holiday and of course life got in the way. However, I didn’t really forget to post it, I just decided to delay it. I decided on that, because I wanted to revamp the list in order to create memorable activities that could be done throughout the year leading up to the holiday. I have not had the opportunity to do that, but I am working on it.

There was alot that occurred in my life this year, but I’m proud to say, I’m a trooper. As this year has been a roller coaster for me, but I stayed on, rode it out and smiled every bit of the way. There was a peace that surrounded me and I knew, no one but God could do that, Glorayy!! Then to know this year is wrapping up to be way better than the years past, is nothing but a blessing. I have many things lined up for 2016,and God willing I plan to see every one of them through.

Also, I have plans to kick it with my usher family New years eve. This is by far, the best group hands down and Lord knows I love them to pieces. What are your plans for New years eve and the new year?

Tis’ the Season

My favorite holiday after Thanksgiving, is Christmas.  I  love everything about it; the decorating and decorations,  the beautiful array of lights, the holiday movies,  the food,  family,  giving,  the meaning behind the season, I mean everything.

There are so many things that I love about Christmas, but the one thing I love most is that we as Christians celebrate the birth of Christ.  Those of other religions celebrate the season, as they believe. It is altogether a season to be jolly and share with others.  I utilize this time as a sharing of love, hope, peace, and goodwill towards others.  I love to see people happy and joyous,  not just at Christmas,  but year round.  This is also a season I have begun to implement within my family, the creation of more memories.   I  created a list of fun, memorable crafts/activities that we will do from now up until Christmas and hopefully throughout the winter. I will share our list in the next few days and maybe you and yours can utilize this list too.

Also,  I am apart of the office cubicle decorating contest.  I decided to go with the Candy Cane Lane theme.  Although I have yet to complete my decorations, I am almost done.  I also have to clean up the look a tad bit more,  but I know I will pull it off by Friday.  We’ve also finished decorating the tree at home.  It comes out so beautiful, year after year.

This joyous season is upon us.   Share the love, give a smile and let’s move into the new year anew, with bigger and brighter hopes for a better future.  Tis the Season!!

What are you doing this Christmas holiday?

A Burning Desire

You know the feeling you get when you accidently leave your phone at home, and you feel like there is something missing in your life all day until you lay eyes on your phone or can feel the texture of it in the palm of your hand. Well, that is the feeling that I have had since I haven’t blogged in a couple of forevers.  I do intend this time to stop delaying the inevitable and revisit my passion and love for writing on a constant basis, yet again.  I’ve constantly put on hold a dream and goal of mine, to become a published author.  I’ve given every aspect of my life, the license to put my dreams on the back burner.

Well today, I give my dreams permission to viciously press forward with a burning desire to reach my goals and live in my moment.  For everyone that reads this, I petition you give your dreams and goals the authority to press forward when you fall short, when you began to question and doubt yourself, and when you are in the midst of your break through.   Allow your inner spirit, strength and courage to fight with a burning desire to accomplish your dreams and mark off that next goal.  Always remember, “dreams do not have an expiration date”!

A Couple of Forevers

A Couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michelle

The song link you see above is no indication of what this post is about, only the title and the fact that I really, really love this song.  If you haven’t heard it, take a listen and tell me what you think!!

The title is befitting because it has been “A Couple of Forevers” since my last post. There has been so much that has went on in my life, that it will take about 6 months of continuous post to get you all caught up.  I do plan to do just that.

First off let me began by saying that 9 days after my last post I welcomed my baby boy into the world.  It has truly been a blessing to have him in our lives,  but oh does it feel different to have an infant 11- 13 years younger than my oldest two.  I’ll just say,  I’m now handling it like a champ. By the way I’m well into the planning for his 1st birthday party.   Through it all, oh have I missed blogging!

I’m back to the world of blogging,  because I’ve missed it with a burning passion.  I have soooo much to share and I’m working on my direct URL, for my blogging site. Yes,  I am finally ready to take this to the next level, which only means that my dedication to blogging will be much more serious than it has in the past. You just wait and see.

Lastly,  at present I may not be close to a wedding,  but this song will find it’s way in my wedding plans when that day comes and I don’t care how long it takes.  I will then be able to plant that song all through my post and this post might be revisited.  Until then,  I will leave you with “A Couple of Forevers”.

361 Days Ago

That was the last time that I stopped to write on my blog. Needless to say so much has happened in those 361 days. I don’t even know where to start.

1. Let me begin by stating I left my job at Cook County.

2. I started classes to become a professional makeup artist (MUA)

3. I went full fledge into my business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

4. I enrolled in classes at DePaul to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education.

5. I became a regular volunteer at my boys school.

6. I joined to Usher board at my church, I absolutely love welcoming souls into the house of the Lord. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the usher board!!!

7. Last but certainly not least, I am expecting child #3. I dreamt it was a girl from the moment I found out (4 months ago), until yesterday I found out it is another boy. I left the ultrasound appointment somber and silent, my feelings were somewhat hurt. I’ve been secretly wanting a girl since forever and I thought I was finally going to have her, I had girl items and the cutest girl name ever picked out. After the initial shock slightly wore off, my BF and I discussed and brainstormed with names. We finally came up with a name that we love and I am slowly starting to enjoy what is to come. That’s the birth of baby boy #3.

I also look forward to getting back to blogging on a regular basis. I’ve missed sharing my thoughts, feelings and ideas. There is so much to relay, so the series of blogs to come will be very, very interesting to say least!!