Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017. I feel greatness, peace, tranquility, love, happiness, success and immeasurable blessings on the horizon.  I’ll keep you updated on all of these facets in the days, weeks and months to come. I wish all of these things and more for you as well.

This year I’m working on consistency and releasing the spirit of procrastination.  Writing is my joy and I have missed it tremendously. So I’m back at it!!  Also, I’m currently working on creating  a personal URL for my blog, as I want to take this more seriously. Which leads me to another one of my goals this year, and that is to make progress on finishing my book. I will enlighten you on that as well, in the weeks to come.

Happy New Year and I wish you blessings, on blessings, on blessings!!


Taking My Place on Purpose

Have you ever had the nagging feeling that there was something that you were supposed to be doing, and you couldn’t put your finger on it?

What I’m really asking to make the question more general is, have you ever realized that there was a purpose that you were to serve in life and you’ve failed to do it, or you have yet to realize exactly what your purpose is?  Well I’ve realized that my purpose is working with babies, toddlers, children, tweens, and teens.  I’ve found myself to be this baby/child/teen magnet, everywhere I go, I seem to attract kids.  It’s also like I can feel what a child is going through, or I can sense when they need to talk or just have someone in their presence that actually cares to listen to them, someone to give/show them attention, someone that will give them special memories to reflect back on their childhood, when they are adults.  I’ve avoided this for a long time, because I couldn’t see myself working with kids, it wasn’t where I saw myself in life.  But God did, and in just a turn of life events, I’ve found myself voluntarily working with kids of all ages; in which I’ve found nothing, but joy.  Which even makes my personal life with my own two, that much more pleasurable. 

As it stands, God has given me, an even greater vision.  That vision is to start a center for youth of all ages.  As of now it is still in the visionary works.  Next year, it will be in the physical works and prayerfully by 2015 it will actually be brought to fruition. 

I encourage everyone that has a dream and/or a purpose in life to bring it to the forefront.   Do what will make you happy and will serve the world.  Make your earthly deposits while life is still in your possession.  Live within your purpose and live a life that is full.  Dreams do not have an expiration date, but life does.  I’m glad to be in the number that secured that spot.  Yes, I stand boldy to proclaim that as I live out my vision, I’ve chosen this stance on purpose.