Old memories, lead to new ones

I just realized how long it’s been since I blogged, as I finally decided to get back on here today.

Soooo much has happened in my life, some good, some bad, but I keep pushing and smiling along the way because I feel that greater is coming!

The latter part of this year for me, has been spent reminiscing about times when life just seemed simpler and more fonder memories of and with family.  I miss those times where it would be so many of us spread out, yet close together celebrating every holiday at my grandmother’s home.  Full of food, fun, laughter and enjoyment of family. Those were the best of times for me.

Well, let’s just fast forward to my Christmas of 2016. It was a blessed and wonderful memory for myself, my children and my brothers.  One that I will cherish for ever and a day.

I began my Christmas morning at church and what a wonderful blessed service it was.  Then I came home and finished cooking to prepare for my two brothers and their significant others, my boys grandparents, my mom and my three sons.  A much smaller gathering than we usually have, but nonetheless wonderful. We exchanged gifts, ate, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.  The icing on the cake came before any dessert was served.  We get the news that my youngest brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve.  It was the most wonderful news, I will be gaining another sister.  (I say another, because my six girlfriends from college are the bestest 😄 gifts I ever received, we are 20 years in. They are no longer friends, but family).

All in all, my kids were blessed with everything they wanted, so was my mother, the grandparents, my brothers, and their significant others. I love, love and I adore my family.

This year created one of the best memories ever!  I’m wishing you and and yours a blessed holiday season!!20161225_124411


A Burning Desire

You know the feeling you get when you accidently leave your phone at home, and you feel like there is something missing in your life all day until you lay eyes on your phone or can feel the texture of it in the palm of your hand. Well, that is the feeling that I have had since I haven’t blogged in a couple of forevers.  I do intend this time to stop delaying the inevitable and revisit my passion and love for writing on a constant basis, yet again.  I’ve constantly put on hold a dream and goal of mine, to become a published author.  I’ve given every aspect of my life, the license to put my dreams on the back burner.

Well today, I give my dreams permission to viciously press forward with a burning desire to reach my goals and live in my moment.  For everyone that reads this, I petition you give your dreams and goals the authority to press forward when you fall short, when you began to question and doubt yourself, and when you are in the midst of your break through.   Allow your inner spirit, strength and courage to fight with a burning desire to accomplish your dreams and mark off that next goal.  Always remember, “dreams do not have an expiration date”!

MK Layaway

As I have told a few of my customers who have asked, I will post this here for all of you!!

I am now offering a “Lay Away Plan” for my budget-conscious shoppers to buy gifts and your personal needs without breaking the bank all at once – especially around holiday time.

Some of my Mary Kay shoppers have expressed interest in wanting the ability to choose their merchandise or gifts and put them on layaway rather than buying them and paying for them all at once.  With the economy the way it is – many of you are living paycheck to paycheck but still want to buy all their Mary Kay products  “beat the rush and pay the easy way with layaway.” 

Now you can buy all our Mary Kay products for your friends and family – and pay them off. Requires 50% down payment to hold the merchandise for you – balance must be paid within 30 days.


I’m Baaaack!!

Well good morning!!

I’ve been quite busy, seeing as this is the reason I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked.  Considering I am a full-fledged Boyscout Leader, an Assistant BYF (Baptist Youth Fellowship) Director, a Wedding/Event Planner who is presently working on building her company COTA Designs, Inc., a Mom of two wonderful little boys, I work full-time for CCAPD, I mentor a young girl whom I love, and as of Thursday of last week, I can now add, Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.  Can you say busy and tired??  Trust I don’t know how I manage, but I can definitely say, “Life is a Beautiful Struggle”.

I’m going to try to keep this blogging up, as it really relaxes me.  Well I’ve realized since the age of 7 that writing what is on my heart and mind really soothes my soul.  So look out for me to pour out my heart on life, love (the one I’m waiting for, a my two potentials…that’s a long story, lol), being a Business Owner and Beauty Consultant, Boyscout Leader, Mentor, Assistant Baptist Youth Fellowship Director (BYF), an employee, a Mother brings out the best of me.

How do you all deal with the many hats that you wear in life?


A Quick Pick Me Up!

Okay it’s Saturday, and so far today, I’ve had 2 meetings, 1 consultation, a meeting with a potential new vendor (I plan weddings and events for a living), and two birthday parties later today.  So it’s safe to say that my day kicked off with a great and very early start.

So, I’m tired as usual but full of creativity and a lot of stamina.  My consultation ended on a great note, so hopefully I land my new, busy and undecisive client (she’s in her own words “a bridezilla, so she is unsure if she should allow someone to plan her wedding, because she likes to be sooo hands on”).  I reassured her, I’ve dealt with clients like her before, and I have no problem with her being hands on,  but since she is intending to pay me for my services, I would prefer she sit back and relax and try to  understand that like Allstate, she’s in good hands.

 I will let you know in about a week of so, if I have gained another happy client.  Now on to explaining the title of this blog.  For business purposes, I travel in and out of the city working and planning, I tend to meet quite a few potentials (in regards to dating that is), so today, I met a really handsome gentleman.  I mean he had on a his weekend attire, but boy did he have on his fresh out the shower and barber shop look on.  Wheww, did me in.  I love a fresh, clean smelling guy.  What it does, what it does, TO ME!  Needless to say, I caught his eye, and he definitely caught mine.

This is just how it happened, then I had my turn.

I mean, what is a inextricably beautiful woman doing at the post office on a Saturday morning, at 10 a.m. in business attire.  This was definitely a good cause to strike up a conversation and many more to come, if I might add.  Hey you never know; it could lead to something wonderful, he could wind up being a very good friend and/or a great business reference, or another one of my big brothers who I lean on for advice.    We shall see, because whatever the case, I love adding great, and positive people to my circle.

Can you say, “A Quick Pick me Up!!!  Indeed it is.

Passing up the One

Our height difference, without my heels.

Ladies and Gents, have you ever wrote down requirements or made mental documentations, that there were certain physical characterisctics that a guy/girl must possess in order for you to consider dating them.   Well, in the midst of checking off those requirements, do you think you have ever checked the ONE, that was for you out of your life??

I mean as a woman, I know that if you asked the majority of women, our list always begin with Tall, Dark and Handsome.  Well what if he was intellectual, possessed a great sense of humor, honest, attentive, affectionate, financially stable, debt free, had his own house and car, had a wonderful job, was dark and tall, but lacked the handsome attributes, or he was all of the above but the height distinction was not in his favor, or maybe he is mocha instead of chocolate.  Did he just get checked of your life because he didn’t meet the happily ever after criteria?

Well I am dealing with this very same thing.  I have this guy who we’ve been going back and forward over the years, (say like 5 years), due to the height issues, lol.  I mean, I’m 5′ 7 1/2″, and he’s probably 5′ 5″.  I’m known on any given day to rock anywhere from a 3 1/2″ heel to a bad 5″, with no problem.  What can I say, I love my heels.  But lately, within this last year, stronger feelings have started to erupt between the both of us, what can I say, the heart never does what the mind tells it to.

For today, I’m leaving it at that….catch ya tomorrow.  So tune in.