Too Much Vision…Is There Such a Thing???

Have you ever felt like you had so  much to give to the world, but not enough time and resources to make one of those ventures pop?  Well at the moment, I’m feeling that way.  I’ve experienced so much in life and I have yet so many gifts to share, I’m just not sure which one to pursue at present.  The feeling its  beyond describable.  I still know and feel that these contributions to society will be made, but what I am unsure of, is in what order.

In regards to my writing, I’ve always known I was gifted with pen and paper, but should this book in the works be my first gift to the world?  Then my love and personality for inspiring women through recreating a new, yet powerful woman through Mary Kay.  I just love me some makeup, and the attitudes of my sister/girlfriends when they look and feel better…there is nothing as rewarding.  Then there is a gift that I discovered that I have, through a course entitled, “Spiritual Gifts”.  Well it wasn’t a completely new discovery, it’s something I knew all along, but tried to abandon in the back of my mind for as long as I could, until it came creeping out through the many stages of events my life propelled in…Working with Babies, Children and Teens. 

Working with the various ages of kids, had to be formulated through a love for ALL children, because if you go into it for money, then you will lack in other areas, and the children will not be fed the essentials they will need in life, which will equate to extremely unsatisfied parents.  As a parent, I know exactly how this feel, which is my reason for adamantly pursuing this spiritual gift full fledge.  I want to create a safe, stable, loving, yet learning environment for all ages 6 wks – 17.  Just know, it’s in the works!!

Last but not least, my  childhood dream, of being a successful designer of fashion and jewelery, and an extraordinary event/wedding planner.   Now isn’t that a lot of vision for one person, I beg to differ, because that is just the person that I am.  I’m multifaceted, multitalented, creative, supportive, loving, understanding and a believer of making your dreams a reality. 

Keep your eyes glued to the tizzube for this face,


  lbvs.  Because one of these ventures/dreams are in the making NOW!!

What dreams are you making a reality?


The Success of Black Owned Businesses

I have been pondering writing about this topic for quite some time now.  As I like to consider myself a restaurant connoisseur, which I think comes into play because of my huge passion for food.  I frequent a lot of restaurants in search of great eating, a wonderful atmosphere and a new place to add to my list of frequent faves, among other things.  Well I often wonder when I go into an establishment what was the owners driving force behind opening this particular business, as well as, their ideas and creative drive for longevity.

I really enjoy the restaurant atmosphere when I find out that the establishment is black-owned.  Not because I am a black woman, but because I like to see black business owners succeeding and pushing past the stereotypes such as, going out of business in less than 5 years, or horrible customer service, or lackluster food preparation, and the list goes on.  Well this post came about after visiting Geo Soul in Olympia Fields, now this wasn’t my first time dining in at the restaurant.  It was about my third time in a 8  month span…heyy I had to frequent a lot of other restaurants where I craved a particular item on their menu.  So back to Geo Soul, my first visit to this restaurant was in January of 2011, I absolutely loved it.  The food portions were wonderful, the atmosphere was simply beautiful, the location was 5 minutes from home, and the food, THE FOOD was absolutely delicious!!  It wasn’t until my then 9 and 7-year-old asked to compliment the owner on the quality of food, and the decor of the restaurant that we found out the owner was a young, black, female.  I immediately prayed for her success, and that she doesn’t become remiss to the susceptibility of falling prey to the demise of black businesses.

I am a Huge Supporter



Fast forward two months later, a beautiful little hidden nook in South Suburbia Olympia Fields, that’s close to home, I had to come back.  Once I arrived at this new gem, that would be on my frequent fave list, I began to digress.  The service was sub par, the food was inadequate and this second experience almost jilted me from ever coming back.  Nonetheless, I decided to give it another chance.  Heyyy, every restaurant deserves to have an off day, but since I’m a rating and review type girl, I decided to see what other people had to say.   Lo and behold they experienced some of the same issues that I had on my second visit and before I completely wrote the place off, I had to give it just one more chance.  Needless to say, my last and final visit was the worse ever.

In honor of my late birthday celebration, I decided to come here, since I was celebrating in mid-week and didn’t want to travel all the way downtown.  When my date and I arrived at the restaurant, there is no one on the restaurant side, but there were about 8 people on the bar side.  So I’m thinking, yes…this is perfect, personal attention.  Boy was I wrong, it took about five minutes to be able to place an order and for them to bring bread (I absolutely love, fresh bread and butter, prior to my meal).  Then I hear the sound of a microwave opening, closing, clicking, beeping, then opening and closing again.  No I did not, NOT IN A RESTAURANT!!  A few seconds later, here comes my bread.  Did you just give me someone’s left over bread??, and you had the nerve to let me hear you heating it up.

My Are You Serious Face, when the waiter brought out my reheated bread and when I found out the Cook was also the Bartender.

Then the 1 of 8 people whom I saw at the bar when I walked in was the damn cook.  Are you serious??  This fool is not serving the bar, and about to cook my food after me waiting 15 minutes with reusable bread and my salad (you can’t do anything wrong with a salad, besides served wilted lettuce, but unfortunately my salad worked for me during the wait).  It took about another hour before we got our food (to be exact an hour and 30 minutes later).


Have you ever fell in love with a restaurant to come back to it and everything that you loved about it had dissipated?