Born to Play

Toddler basketball 101

The makings of a basketball player

When you have children, you often wonder what type of future will they have? What’s in the cards for them as they get older?  What can I do as a parent to ensure that my child lives out their life to the fullest potential?  How can I push them to be there best?  I thank God I have not had to do that for neither of my children.  I see what they could possibly be at this moment, and I am grateful.

My oldest was born with the gift of gab, he is a talker, yet shy; but when it counts he gets his point across.  So I’ve pictured him being a successful, notable speaker of some sort, in whatever avenue he chooses to pursue.  My middle child has the characteristics of an entertainer.  He knows how to and likes to make you laugh.  He is kind, respectful and very generous.  I see him being notable and successful as well, in whatever career he chooses to pursue.  When it comes to my last child, the baby boy.  I’m not sure what he will be just yet, he’s only two.  However, he is kind, extremely smart, stern in his actions and very passionate about sports.

When he first laid eyes on a basketball at six months old, he’s been fascinated.  He started with a soft plush basketball throwing it out of his crib.  Fast forward 2 weeks shy of six months; on the cusp of turning one to the first moment he began to walk, he picked up the basketball and has never put it down.  He practices shooting every morning and night, all day every day.  He watches basketball games with a spark in his eye, drumming up shot perfections in his head and devising ways to perfect his skills at 2.  He encourages team play when he asks, his brothers, Nana, Godmommy, or myself to shoot.  Should you miss the basket, he offers advise; “use the backboard”, “focus”. “keep practicing”, or his most used line, “it’s okay, you’ll make the next shot.

I am reserved to say although he has a great baseball arm and he loves any sports that involves a ball.  I feel basketball may be his lane.  He plays with great zeal and passion.

Check him out, and tell me what you think!! My 2 Year Old Star


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