Old memories, lead to new ones

I just realized how long it’s been since I blogged, as I finally decided to get back on here today.

Soooo much has happened in my life, some good, some bad, but I keep pushing and smiling along the way because I feel that greater is coming!

The latter part of this year for me, has been spent reminiscing about times when life just seemed simpler and more fonder memories of and with family.  I miss those times where it would be so many of us spread out, yet close together celebrating every holiday at my grandmother’s home.  Full of food, fun, laughter and enjoyment of family. Those were the best of times for me.

Well, let’s just fast forward to my Christmas of 2016. It was a blessed and wonderful memory for myself, my children and my brothers.  One that I will cherish for ever and a day.

I began my Christmas morning at church and what a wonderful blessed service it was.  Then I came home and finished cooking to prepare for my two brothers and their significant others, my boys grandparents, my mom and my three sons.  A much smaller gathering than we usually have, but nonetheless wonderful. We exchanged gifts, ate, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.  The icing on the cake came before any dessert was served.  We get the news that my youngest brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve.  It was the most wonderful news, I will be gaining another sister.  (I say another, because my six girlfriends from college are the bestest 😄 gifts I ever received, we are 20 years in. They are no longer friends, but family).

All in all, my kids were blessed with everything they wanted, so was my mother, the grandparents, my brothers, and their significant others. I love, love and I adore my family.

This year created one of the best memories ever!  I’m wishing you and and yours a blessed holiday season!!20161225_124411