You’re NOT Actually that busy!

Like seriously, for real, for real.  Some people tend to think you have nothing else to do besides cater to them.  Let me begin by running down the majority of my days for you.  My days began everyday Monday – Friday, at 5:30 a.m.  I wake up, use the bathroom, wash my hands, feed the fish (Midget, Joan and Melissa), then proceed to wake my two boys up for school.  Now they aren’t woke up at the same time, although we do have two bathrooms.  One of them always wake up earlier than the other one to get in the bathroom and get themselves together if they didn’t bathe the night before, and they actually expect me to remember who I woke up first the day prior, even after the weekend has passed.  I’m going to need them to get that together and work it out, lol.

I only wished I had either that many hands or 5 clones of me.

I only wished I had either that many hands or 5 clones of me.

Oh well, and if I was too tired to iron clothes for them the night prior, then I guess I will be ironing in the morning on any given day.  Next it’s making sure they eat, and have packed all of their homework in their bags from the night before.  Then I ascertain that their faces, and ears have been cleaned, teeth have been brush and hair greased and brushed.   Thank God for my Mom, that I don’t have to drive all the way in the city every morning to take them to school.  She’s a jewel, because she does that for me.  Then I began to clean and do my motherly duties, washing clothes, making sure the house is clean and their rooms are clean.  Then I began working on adding and critiquing a chapter in my book, that will in the publishing works by 2014.  Hopefully I’m not disturbed by a phone call or text, because if I’m in my element this will definitely throw me for a loop.  Thank God, I am lacking in the writer’s block category.

Once I’m satisfied with my book writing progress, I began to check my Mary Kay stock and make sure I have certain products stocked and ready for sale, according to my current and future clients needs.  I either purchase more products and update my inventory spreadsheet, or I check to see if there are any orders that need to be delivered or shipped.  Then I update my facebook page with sales or trivia questions that I may have for the week/month.

Then I think about all the errands I have to run, groceries to purchase, bills to schedule for payment, finish classwork that needs to be completed (oh, did I mention I’m back in school to attain my degree in Early Childhood Education, I just love kids of all ages), plan events/outings for the BYF (Baptist Youth Fellowship) for whatever month it currently is, find a date that works, to carve out time for my Mentee (I just love me some her), and then leave out in time to volunteer at my kids school from 3 – 6 p.m, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’m not even done, Tuesday and Thursday start very much the same, but these days are devoted to sketching designs for my budding clothing line, this is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Work at booking new clients for events/wedding, or continuity in planning the ones that are already in progress, so that I can keep the money coming in. I do have bills, and tuition for both me and my children to pay.  I also have class to attend.  At the end of the day my bed is holding me and my television is watching me.

The nerve of folks to ask anything else of me, is just plan selfish, when I’ve already done over and beyond what they’ve asked.  For instance create a sign-in sheet for your business and email it again, after I’ve already printed about 20 sheets to get you started and email you a copy of it about 10 times already, and someone to ask for me to create a cover letter after I’ve already created a resume for you, then another person to want me to keep applying via internet for different jobs for them and sending off your resume, when I’ve already created the resume and cover letter…what they hell am I, your personal secretary?  I need Diddy PA (Personal Assistant) money for that.  I’m gonna need folks to get it together, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”  Hell I’m already busy!!


Let me hear what you think!

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