Endangered Mechanic

The news reported that there would be flash flooding in Chicagoland and all surrounding areas on Wednesday of last week, all the way up until the following Thursday morning.  Well needless to say, that was completely underestimated. 

My Thursday morning began with me dragging around the house to get the boys up and ready for school, because my Mom was off work that day.  I proceeded to make sure they were dressed, well groomed and had eaten before we finally left the house.  We eventually made it to the car and would you believe that my back tire is completely flat.  Unbelievable…I proceed back in the house and make a few phone calls to my wonderful male friends, to see who could repair my tire.  One results in a non-response, and the other two are unable to help as they are already on their way to work.  As of now, I don’t think I would consider them too wonderful, as I could get neither one of them to come change my tire.  So Thursday resulted in the boys missing school, because I was opposed to attempting to change my tire in that weather. 

Thursday night I made up my mind to fix my tire the first thing Friday morning.  My Mom volunteered to let me use her car to go and purchase a tire inflator early the next morning before she took the boys to school, until I can get my tire to the repair shop.  I told her that wouldn’t be necessary, because I would be doing the repairs myself.  The DIY’er tends to come out from time to time and she sometimes intermixes with my inner tomboy, and my mind was set.  I was going to Auto Zone the first thing Friday morning to purchase the needed items to fix my flat tire. 

How would I get there you ask, with no transportation?  Well I decided I would get my daily dose of exercise on this day and walk the 2 1/2 miles to Auto Zone.  The next morning I awoke to news of flooding disasters, the declaration of a state of emergency, expressway closures and overflooding lakes and ponds.  Yet and still I was determined to fix my tire, as I would have to volunteer later that day at my sons school. 

The boys are up ready and on their way off to school.  I eat breakfast; do my home excercises; shower and throw on my heather gray jogging suit with black trim, my black and white tank top, my black socks, and black, red and heather gray MBT’s; I stuff my hair inside of my black hat with heather gray trimmed brim, I throw on my black North Face jacket, I put on my black and heather gray gloves and put on my pink Apple watch (pink is my favorite color you know), put my earphones in my ear and proceed to leave the house. 

Once outside, I feel good and look cute.  I began my 2 1/2 mile trek to Auto Zone. Needless to say, not even a minute later it begins to hail.  What the heck, Tracy Butler said flurries, NOT HAIL.  This is altogether different, but determination made me keep trekking.  I turned my music up and kept it going, my legs felt the burn.  The hail began coming down faster and harder hitting my face with a vengeance.  I breathed and kept trekking, the musical sounds that came from my IPOD kept me at peace and on pace. 

I walked past an overflooded pond, where the water was so so high it was gushing down the small concrete path that I treaded on.  The hail constantly took my breath away and I began to bury my head in my coat to attempt to protect my cheeks, although it didn’t work.  Two miles down and a half mile to go, I see O’Reillys Auto Parts, which just so happen to be 1000 ft closer than Auto Zone.  This place literally saved my life, because I dreaded walking that extra thousand feet in that weather to Auto Zone.  I ran walked in there, as I breathe a sigh of relief that I was out of the hail.

I proceeded to the aisle that had what I needed, I priced the tire inflator and Slime Quick Spare Tire Sealant.  I called Auto Zone to check their prices and see if it was in stock.  During the call, it seems as if I had made the right decision, because they didn’t have the tire inflator in stock.  So I purchased my products and left O’Reillys.  The walk back home seemed to take longer as the hail hit my face from the right so hard, that I took it as a sign from God to began repenting for anything wrong that I had done.  The right side of my face was on fire.  I decided to remix Alicia Keys song “Girl on Fire” to “Face on Fire”, it made me chuckle at how I could cause myself to be amused at a time like this. 

5004 steps and 320 calories burned later, I arrive at my car.  I get in the car and rest for a few minutes.  By now the hail has stop coming down.  Can you believe that?  It stopped coming down, once I got in the car.  I proceed to dispense and empty the Slime into my tire and then I immediately began to inflate my tire (while the inflator is at work, I’m resting in the car, I purchased the tire inflator that shuts off after it reaches the set PSI).  Once the inflator shuts off, I have to drive for five miles to ensure the slime seals the hole.  By the way the culprit of my flat tire was a 4 1/2 inch rusted nail, yep, I pulled that baby out of my tire and disposed of it, never to be seen again. 

Fast foward to now.  As of yesterday, my tire looks like new and I put about a 100 miles plus on my car post flat tire.  Would I repair my tire/car again?, Absolutely, I am a girly girl who loves to work with her hands, especially fixing on cars.  In that weather?  I most certainly will not. 


And the Party Don’t Stop!!

The Party doesn't end here.

You know how you go to that one party and you have so much fun, that you just have to find something to do afterward;, be it another party, a house party or to one of your favorite late night/early morning spots to eat.  Well UBP13 (Ultimate Blog Party 13) has me feeling the exact same way.  I met so many wonderful people, and had the opportunity to visit their blogs.  I mean it was simply amazing, I read blogs that had me laughing and thinking simultaneously, that some of those very same things has happened to me.

Here is just a smidgen of the wonderful blogs that I got the chance to read, I’m sure you would enjoy them as well.  Anewlis, this is a great and exciting blog.  I mean from the moment you click on this page, be prepared to be wowed, I will definitely be keeping up with her and the goings on in her world.  Next you have Mz JamericanSpice, she is a mother of two, such as myself and her blog is about everyday life, tidbits of freebies and a world of other info that a person could really use, stop by and check her out.  I can never leave out Mz. Self Sagacity, the first post I read on her page had me laughing, she is definitely a woman of her word and a great trooper, looking forward to reading more from her as well.  I definitely do not want to leave out Mz. Butterfly, when I say organized, she has this blog organized for the gods and desserts on this page that leave you salivating.  I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to get her to bake me a cake and ship it from Georgia to Chicago.  I may just have to drive there to visit family/friends and then have her, have it ready for me, when it’s time for me to leave, lbvs.  Last, but definitely not least, Mz. Chelsea invited me to her wonderful website Lights for All Occasion, might I add, she ain’t neva lied (I had to say it this way, so that you could get the jest of what I’m saying).  Chelsea, never invite a shopaholic to a shopping site, lol.  I will be purchasing, very soon.

I’m so looking forward to reading more from them, and others.  When I say that these blogs have inspired me in so many ways, I can’t even tell you.  What I will say is that, I will be blogging more, and I am still working on my branding (just a little more efficiently and quickly).  I have so much to share, and will be doing just that.  Be on the lookout, instead of blogging weekly, I will be blogging at least twice a week now.  I have a lot of work to do and tons of things to share.

Happy Reading and keep the party going!!  Until next time.


It’s Time to P A R T Y

To those of you who read my blog, you know it’s been a while since I’ve had posting fever (where I’m posting more than once a week). Well I’ve recently joined UBP13 (Ultimate Blog Party 2013) and I must say, it has me really excited about blogging, moreso than I’ve ever been in the past.  If you desire to know what I’m talking bout, click on the link below.

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

My blog is all about living life to the fullest, my kids, my busy lifestyle, my opinions, beauty tips, fashion, and things that ranges amongst a whole world of topics that I like to share my views on. I love writing, always have and this is my attempt to enthrall you in my world, from my angle of view. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, and reading into everyone else’s world. “So kick off your shoes and relax your feet, party on down to Da Fyrstlady beat, just kick it.” “It’s gonna be a party ya’ll”. #UBP13

You’re NOT Actually that busy!

Like seriously, for real, for real.  Some people tend to think you have nothing else to do besides cater to them.  Let me begin by running down the majority of my days for you.  My days began everyday Monday – Friday, at 5:30 a.m.  I wake up, use the bathroom, wash my hands, feed the fish (Midget, Joan and Melissa), then proceed to wake my two boys up for school.  Now they aren’t woke up at the same time, although we do have two bathrooms.  One of them always wake up earlier than the other one to get in the bathroom and get themselves together if they didn’t bathe the night before, and they actually expect me to remember who I woke up first the day prior, even after the weekend has passed.  I’m going to need them to get that together and work it out, lol.

I only wished I had either that many hands or 5 clones of me.

I only wished I had either that many hands or 5 clones of me.

Oh well, and if I was too tired to iron clothes for them the night prior, then I guess I will be ironing in the morning on any given day.  Next it’s making sure they eat, and have packed all of their homework in their bags from the night before.  Then I ascertain that their faces, and ears have been cleaned, teeth have been brush and hair greased and brushed.   Thank God for my Mom, that I don’t have to drive all the way in the city every morning to take them to school.  She’s a jewel, because she does that for me.  Then I began to clean and do my motherly duties, washing clothes, making sure the house is clean and their rooms are clean.  Then I began working on adding and critiquing a chapter in my book, that will in the publishing works by 2014.  Hopefully I’m not disturbed by a phone call or text, because if I’m in my element this will definitely throw me for a loop.  Thank God, I am lacking in the writer’s block category.

Once I’m satisfied with my book writing progress, I began to check my Mary Kay stock and make sure I have certain products stocked and ready for sale, according to my current and future clients needs.  I either purchase more products and update my inventory spreadsheet, or I check to see if there are any orders that need to be delivered or shipped.  Then I update my facebook page www.facebook.com/fyrstladymarykay with sales or trivia questions that I may have for the week/month.

Then I think about all the errands I have to run, groceries to purchase, bills to schedule for payment, finish classwork that needs to be completed (oh, did I mention I’m back in school to attain my degree in Early Childhood Education, I just love kids of all ages), plan events/outings for the BYF (Baptist Youth Fellowship) for whatever month it currently is, find a date that works, to carve out time for my Mentee (I just love me some her), and then leave out in time to volunteer at my kids school from 3 – 6 p.m, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’m not even done, Tuesday and Thursday start very much the same, but these days are devoted to sketching designs for my budding clothing line, this is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Work at booking new clients for events/wedding, or continuity in planning the ones that are already in progress, so that I can keep the money coming in. I do have bills, and tuition for both me and my children to pay.  I also have class to attend.  At the end of the day my bed is holding me and my television is watching me.

The nerve of folks to ask anything else of me, is just plan selfish, when I’ve already done over and beyond what they’ve asked.  For instance create a sign-in sheet for your business and email it again, after I’ve already printed about 20 sheets to get you started and email you a copy of it about 10 times already, and someone to ask for me to create a cover letter after I’ve already created a resume for you, then another person to want me to keep applying via internet for different jobs for them and sending off your resume, when I’ve already created the resume and cover letter…what they hell am I, your personal secretary?  I need Diddy PA (Personal Assistant) money for that.  I’m gonna need folks to get it together, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”  Hell I’m already busy!!