Finding Time

Well let me start off by saying that I am nodding as I post on this blog. In the midst of finding time to dive back in to my first love (writing), I had decided back in the summer to blog to re-freshen up on my skills.

I have found that I have absolutely no time to blog, especially since I continually take on tasks, events, business ventures (my new one being Mary Kay, yes I am officially a consultant and I love it. So to place your order stop by my website and shop to your hearts desires) and everything else. I’ve realized that writing has always helped me to release and relax, so please tell me why do I not try to find time.

I must do better, I guess I can consider blogging as part of my “ME” time. As I have so much that I need to release, sooo much.

Well goodnight and good morning, and as I sign off, I will work harder at getting on here at least once or twice a week.