I’m Baaaack!!

Well good morning!!

I’ve been quite busy, seeing as this is the reason I haven’t been able to post as often as I would have liked.  Considering I am a full-fledged Boyscout Leader, an Assistant BYF (Baptist Youth Fellowship) Director, a Wedding/Event Planner who is presently working on building her company COTA Designs, Inc., a Mom of two wonderful little boys, I work full-time for CCAPD, I mentor a young girl whom I love, and as of Thursday of last week, I can now add, Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.  Can you say busy and tired??  Trust I don’t know how I manage, but I can definitely say, “Life is a Beautiful Struggle”.

I’m going to try to keep this blogging up, as it really relaxes me.  Well I’ve realized since the age of 7 that writing what is on my heart and mind really soothes my soul.  So look out for me to pour out my heart on life, love (the one I’m waiting for, a my two potentials…that’s a long story, lol), being a Business Owner and Beauty Consultant, Boyscout Leader, Mentor, Assistant Baptist Youth Fellowship Director (BYF), an employee, a Mother brings out the best of me.

How do you all deal with the many hats that you wear in life?



Let me hear what you think!

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