Family Time!!!

Usually my weekends start off extremely busy where I wake at 7 a.m. and I get home around 10 o’clock or 11 p.m, it’s full of meetings, consulations, and events and/or wedding festivities.  Well today started at 7 a.m., I took my boys to their last day of golf instruction, which lasted about 3 hours.  I can see that all of their practice has really paid off, although they only played 3 holes today at Coyote Run, because my baby boy got a bogey on the third hole.  Can you say a very excited mommy, well I sure was, because he is the youngest boy in his practices, and then on top on that he got the best game, and his brother had the second best.

After we left the golf course, we went straight the the barbershop.  KO’s barbershop that is.  They have a wonderful barber and we have a wonderful relationship with all the barbers in the shop.  So if anyone, is looking for a wonderful barber, in a family friendly atmosphere, you definitely need to try it out.  KO’s Barbershop is located in Matteson, IL.


Our next to last stop was Target,where we had to pick up a few things to prepare us

My favorite place to shop

for our upcoming outing with the BSA, yes siree bob, we are going camping.  It will be our first overnight outing since joining the boyscouts three years ago, so this is the beginning of something new and exciting for the three of us. Target was just the place for us to find all of our wonderful grabs.  We have just a few more items to get, but for the most part, we are almost done.  Of course, I can’t just go in target and get what I went there for, I always have to look around to make sure I’m not missing anything.  I guess that’s the shop-a-holic in me, kicking in too.

Our last stop was home, yes home.  Time to rest and get ready for tomorrow, because in my life every day is eventful and welcomed.  Almost dinner and movie time.  I just love family time, and I love my boys.  The are the best, and they bring me joy!


Let me hear what you think!

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