Garfield Monday

Coming off a weekend, full of high, high, highs, where all the stops have been pulled out.  Loving the feel of my bed, and not wanting to get out of it, has really did me in on today.  So of course, in awe of how my bed hugs my body, I chose to succumb to that feeling.  I didn’t get out of it.  Now isn’t that just a wonderful feeling.

 Well I would have been an awesome feeling, if I didn’t have so much to do.  Considering my weekend was full of running around from meeting to meeting, to engagements, to networking, to “ME Time”, and then finally getting in early in the A.M. to get just enough sleep to refresh me for Sunday morning.  Yes church, I had to go and give God his time, because he blesses me continually.  Without him I would be nothing, so he get’s his time, whether I’m working on six hours or an hour of sleep.  No!!!, I did not and would not fall asleep in the house of God, I was wide awake, but afterwards is another story.

My Church Home


The reason for this being Garfield Monday, because everything that I should have done this weekend, gets done today.  Oh let me not leave out, how I need a new battery for my car, which is another reason for me being stuck in the house today.  It’s time for me to get another one, why can’t I abandon my long time baby.  I guess for the fact, I don’t like car notes, and I wanted my next big purchase to be the house of my dreams, then the car.  Oh well, let me finish sulking and working, because until I get a quick perk me up, it’s still GARFIELD MONDAY!!

This is exactly how I'm feeling


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