A Quick Pick Me Up!

Okay it’s Saturday, and so far today, I’ve had 2 meetings, 1 consultation, a meeting with a potential new vendor (I plan weddings and events for a living), and two birthday parties later today.  So it’s safe to say that my day kicked off with a great and very early start.

So, I’m tired as usual but full of creativity and a lot of stamina.  My consultation ended on a great note, so hopefully I land my new, busy and undecisive client (she’s in her own words “a bridezilla, so she is unsure if she should allow someone to plan her wedding, because she likes to be sooo hands on”).  I reassured her, I’ve dealt with clients like her before, and I have no problem with her being hands on,  but since she is intending to pay me for my services, I would prefer she sit back and relax and try to  understand that like Allstate, she’s in good hands.

 I will let you know in about a week of so, if I have gained another happy client.  Now on to explaining the title of this blog.  For business purposes, I travel in and out of the city working and planning, I tend to meet quite a few potentials (in regards to dating that is), so today, I met a really handsome gentleman.  I mean he had on a his weekend attire, but boy did he have on his fresh out the shower and barber shop look on.  Wheww, did me in.  I love a fresh, clean smelling guy.  What it does, what it does, TO ME!  Needless to say, I caught his eye, and he definitely caught mine.

This is just how it happened, then I had my turn.

I mean, what is a inextricably beautiful woman doing at the post office on a Saturday morning, at 10 a.m. in business attire.  This was definitely a good cause to strike up a conversation and many more to come, if I might add.  Hey you never know; it could lead to something wonderful, he could wind up being a very good friend and/or a great business reference, or another one of my big brothers who I lean on for advice.    We shall see, because whatever the case, I love adding great, and positive people to my circle.

Can you say, “A Quick Pick me Up!!!  Indeed it is.


Let me hear what you think!

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