Family Time!!!

Usually my weekends start off extremely busy where I wake at 7 a.m. and I get home around 10 o’clock or 11 p.m, it’s full of meetings, consulations, and events and/or wedding festivities.  Well today started at 7 a.m., I took my boys to their last day of golf instruction, which lasted about 3 hours.  I can see that all of their practice has really paid off, although they only played 3 holes today at Coyote Run, because my baby boy got a bogey on the third hole.  Can you say a very excited mommy, well I sure was, because he is the youngest boy in his practices, and then on top on that he got the best game, and his brother had the second best.

After we left the golf course, we went straight the the barbershop.  KO’s barbershop that is.  They have a wonderful barber and we have a wonderful relationship with all the barbers in the shop.  So if anyone, is looking for a wonderful barber, in a family friendly atmosphere, you definitely need to try it out.  KO’s Barbershop is located in Matteson, IL.


Our next to last stop was Target,where we had to pick up a few things to prepare us

My favorite place to shop

for our upcoming outing with the BSA, yes siree bob, we are going camping.  It will be our first overnight outing since joining the boyscouts three years ago, so this is the beginning of something new and exciting for the three of us. Target was just the place for us to find all of our wonderful grabs.  We have just a few more items to get, but for the most part, we are almost done.  Of course, I can’t just go in target and get what I went there for, I always have to look around to make sure I’m not missing anything.  I guess that’s the shop-a-holic in me, kicking in too.

Our last stop was home, yes home.  Time to rest and get ready for tomorrow, because in my life every day is eventful and welcomed.  Almost dinner and movie time.  I just love family time, and I love my boys.  The are the best, and they bring me joy!


Garfield Monday

Coming off a weekend, full of high, high, highs, where all the stops have been pulled out.  Loving the feel of my bed, and not wanting to get out of it, has really did me in on today.  So of course, in awe of how my bed hugs my body, I chose to succumb to that feeling.  I didn’t get out of it.  Now isn’t that just a wonderful feeling.

 Well I would have been an awesome feeling, if I didn’t have so much to do.  Considering my weekend was full of running around from meeting to meeting, to engagements, to networking, to “ME Time”, and then finally getting in early in the A.M. to get just enough sleep to refresh me for Sunday morning.  Yes church, I had to go and give God his time, because he blesses me continually.  Without him I would be nothing, so he get’s his time, whether I’m working on six hours or an hour of sleep.  No!!!, I did not and would not fall asleep in the house of God, I was wide awake, but afterwards is another story.

My Church Home


The reason for this being Garfield Monday, because everything that I should have done this weekend, gets done today.  Oh let me not leave out, how I need a new battery for my car, which is another reason for me being stuck in the house today.  It’s time for me to get another one, why can’t I abandon my long time baby.  I guess for the fact, I don’t like car notes, and I wanted my next big purchase to be the house of my dreams, then the car.  Oh well, let me finish sulking and working, because until I get a quick perk me up, it’s still GARFIELD MONDAY!!

This is exactly how I'm feeling

A Quick Pick Me Up!

Okay it’s Saturday, and so far today, I’ve had 2 meetings, 1 consultation, a meeting with a potential new vendor (I plan weddings and events for a living), and two birthday parties later today.  So it’s safe to say that my day kicked off with a great and very early start.

So, I’m tired as usual but full of creativity and a lot of stamina.  My consultation ended on a great note, so hopefully I land my new, busy and undecisive client (she’s in her own words “a bridezilla, so she is unsure if she should allow someone to plan her wedding, because she likes to be sooo hands on”).  I reassured her, I’ve dealt with clients like her before, and I have no problem with her being hands on,  but since she is intending to pay me for my services, I would prefer she sit back and relax and try to  understand that like Allstate, she’s in good hands.

 I will let you know in about a week of so, if I have gained another happy client.  Now on to explaining the title of this blog.  For business purposes, I travel in and out of the city working and planning, I tend to meet quite a few potentials (in regards to dating that is), so today, I met a really handsome gentleman.  I mean he had on a his weekend attire, but boy did he have on his fresh out the shower and barber shop look on.  Wheww, did me in.  I love a fresh, clean smelling guy.  What it does, what it does, TO ME!  Needless to say, I caught his eye, and he definitely caught mine.

This is just how it happened, then I had my turn.

I mean, what is a inextricably beautiful woman doing at the post office on a Saturday morning, at 10 a.m. in business attire.  This was definitely a good cause to strike up a conversation and many more to come, if I might add.  Hey you never know; it could lead to something wonderful, he could wind up being a very good friend and/or a great business reference, or another one of my big brothers who I lean on for advice.    We shall see, because whatever the case, I love adding great, and positive people to my circle.

Can you say, “A Quick Pick me Up!!!  Indeed it is.

The Funk I’m In

Okay, I haven’t been feeling well lately.  I have suddenly been overwhelmed by the many events and wedding consultations I have been doing lately, spending quality time with my boys, mentoring, church duties, boyscout leader duties, “ME Time”, squeezing in time for the love life that I think I should have right about now and soooo much more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the path that my company is going in.  I absolutely adore the time that I spend with my boys, I love being a mentor, I love my church, I love my boyscout duties, don’t have enough Me Time and my love life right now is absolutely none existent.

As I left off the last time, I was in between dating this guy, who was shorter than I.  Oh well, that’s not going to work at all, because I absolutely refuse to put up with bull, especially now since my life encompasses so many other wonderful things.  Actually right now, I’m enjoying flirting and working on the new me, “She is such a Diva,” lol.  Hey if I don’t love on me, who will.  I’m loving my life and I know great things are ahead.

This is the year to take charge of the ME I want to be, and work on my Bucket List.  Oh, did I mention that I was working on my bucket list.  Yep, that’s right, I plan on doing it all in the next year or two.  I’m soooo loving this new me.

Look out ya’ll, the world ain’t ready for me yet!!!!

Passing up the One

Our height difference, without my heels.

Ladies and Gents, have you ever wrote down requirements or made mental documentations, that there were certain physical characterisctics that a guy/girl must possess in order for you to consider dating them.   Well, in the midst of checking off those requirements, do you think you have ever checked the ONE, that was for you out of your life??

I mean as a woman, I know that if you asked the majority of women, our list always begin with Tall, Dark and Handsome.  Well what if he was intellectual, possessed a great sense of humor, honest, attentive, affectionate, financially stable, debt free, had his own house and car, had a wonderful job, was dark and tall, but lacked the handsome attributes, or he was all of the above but the height distinction was not in his favor, or maybe he is mocha instead of chocolate.  Did he just get checked of your life because he didn’t meet the happily ever after criteria?

Well I am dealing with this very same thing.  I have this guy who we’ve been going back and forward over the years, (say like 5 years), due to the height issues, lol.  I mean, I’m 5′ 7 1/2″, and he’s probably 5′ 5″.  I’m known on any given day to rock anywhere from a 3 1/2″ heel to a bad 5″, with no problem.  What can I say, I love my heels.  But lately, within this last year, stronger feelings have started to erupt between the both of us, what can I say, the heart never does what the mind tells it to.

For today, I’m leaving it at that….catch ya tomorrow.  So tune in.