Dating in the New Millenium

I remember when my grandmother and mom used to tell me about dating.  They would tell me how a guy would ask you out and come to the door and meet your parents, and open the doors, pull out your chair, and have you home at a reasonable hour.

Well I wonder, what has happened?  I mean, what happened to these guys of yesteryears?(the yesterday and years ago when my mother and grandmother were coming up).   Have they all vanished?  It seems to me they have.  I still believe in chivalry.  I teach my boys that you treat a lady with respect.  You open the door for a lady, and then you come behind her. 

I have been out on a five dates in the last three years, and only three made it to a second date.  Out of the three that made it to a second date only two opened and close doors, the third one I had to let him know that if you are expecting to date me, you need to open a door.  I have also realized that some guys are emotionally bound and affected in past relationships too.  Some can’t get over their past hurts, and they say women have problems. 

Now with my new dating experience, what can I say but,  I’m taking it slow.  It’s hard to decipher a guys true intentions, so as always I ask.  Hey, I need to know, why do you want to date me.  If it’s to get the cookie, well it’s not gonna happen until I’m ready.  I’m not looking for a sex buddy, I’m waiting on something that will lead to a committed relationship.  Why not, I’m worth it.

This new millenium dating blog will be ongoing, as I update you on my experiences and you acquaint me with yours.  Questions and answers that I am looking forward to asking/answering are:  How do you know when a lady is “The One”, Does chivalry still exist?, or Are men only chivalrous to women, if they believe they are worth it?,  Do men want women to take more initiative in the dating process? 

More questions will arise as my new experiences with dating come about.


Let me hear what you think!

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