A Creative Mind Never Sleeps

Where Creative Minds Lie

Have you ever went to bed at 10:00 p.m., and wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to get the day started, only to realize that it’s 1:00 a.m?

Well this happens to me alot.  I have come to realize that my mind doesn’t rest as often as I would like, because I am a naturally creative being.  I can’t sleep because there is a need for me to create with a significant attention to detail, even during unconventional hours.  This is partially the reason I am in the Wedding/Event Planning business.

I remember, how more than ten years ago that I could never completely rest until I woke from my sleep to write down everything that was on my mind.  These were my best written masterpieces.  As of lately, the pen has been calling my name.  I abandoned writing around the time I had my first child.   I feel that the time has come for me to revisit my first love, writing.  I have so much to share with the world.  In the days ahead, be prepared, because I’m going to enlighten you with my version of “Straight Talk, No Chaser”.

Get ready for laughs, positive energy, motivation, spiritual reflection, inspiration, the hardcore truth, and the rebirth of writing, Da Fyrst Lady style.

Now it is time, for my head to meet my pillow, and make the sweetest music ever.  SLEEP

Da Fyrst Lady


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