Let The Fathers Have Their Day!!

This post stems from a note that I created June 6, 2011 on Facebook in preparation for the upcoming Father’s day.  The statements made that year, still needs to be restated yearly, until every woman truly understands the meaning behind this day.  It is then and only then, that we can liberate and empower the young women that we have the privilege of raising.

Unfortunately, this are screenshots of the post, because at present Facebook is not letting me copy my own words, lol



Write the Vision

It’s been a year since my last post and so much has occurred.  Where do I began??

For those whom believe and trust that God is who he says he is and will provide for and be with you every step of the way.  Why do we doubt his word?  This post isn’t meant to be spiritual to say the least.  However it is my comeback and open testimony.  Almost everything that I have ask God for and he has told me that I would be doing via the Holy Spirit, as of today….it is so.

He placed in my heart a few years ago, that I would be the Baptist Youth Fellowship Director at my church and as of two years ago, today it is so.

He told me, to pray and study my word daily and he would give me the desires of my heart.  As I type today, that dream job is less than a month away, I’ll update you all on what it is, very soon😄😄.

He’s given me the vision to write a book and tell my story for years now, and I’ve been hesitant, because I’m like everything you want me to say has yet to come to fruition.  Not that I don’t trust God, but my questions were, who am I? Who’s going to read it? Where do I began? Of course when the Holy Spirit gives you something, it will all work out for the Glory of the Lord; every question is answered, every detailed is worked out.  So as of today.  I have my book title, I have my chapter titles, I have a few chapters penned, and I’m excited at what the end is going to be.

He told me, if I trusted him completely and surrendered to his word that he would bless me with the man of my dreams.  It is so, we are dating and just about everyone that I know has spoken him into my life and spoken over our lives.  Only time will reveal.

He continues to reveal to me daily, his plans for my life.  I asked God what was my purpose and instead of giving it all to me, he reveals it like a mystery.  My all-time favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 NIV, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I’m enjoying my year of faith in action. Everything hasn’t come easy, but behind every test is a testimony.  Mine will soon be revealed.  As of August 30, 2018, my 40th Birthday.  Your girl will be a published author!!


Born to Play

Toddler basketball 101

The makings of a basketball player https://youtu.be/6NMgKjBm88c

When you have children, you often wonder what type of future will they have? What’s in the cards for them as they get older?  What can I do as a parent to ensure that my child lives out their life to the fullest potential?  How can I push them to be there best?  I thank God I have not had to do that for neither of my children.  I see what they could possibly be at this moment, and I am grateful.

My oldest was born with the gift of gab, he is a talker, yet shy; but when it counts he gets his point across.  So I’ve pictured him being a successful, notable speaker of some sort, in whatever avenue he chooses to pursue.  My middle child has the characteristics of an entertainer.  He knows how to and likes to make you laugh.  He is kind, respectful and very generous.  I see him being notable and successful as well, in whatever career he chooses to pursue.  When it comes to my last child, the baby boy.  I’m not sure what he will be just yet, he’s only two.  However, he is kind, extremely smart, stern in his actions and very passionate about sports.

When he first laid eyes on a basketball at six months old, he’s been fascinated.  He started with a soft plush basketball throwing it out of his crib.  Fast forward 2 weeks shy of six months; on the cusp of turning one to the first moment he began to walk, he picked up the basketball and has never put it down.  He practices shooting every morning and night, all day every day.  He watches basketball games with a spark in his eye, drumming up shot perfections in his head and devising ways to perfect his skills at 2.  He encourages team play when he asks, his brothers, Nana, Godmommy, or myself to shoot.  Should you miss the basket, he offers advise; “use the backboard”, “focus”. “keep practicing”, or his most used line, “it’s okay, you’ll make the next shot.

I am reserved to say although he has a great baseball arm and he loves any sports that involves a ball.  I feel basketball may be his lane.  He plays with great zeal and passion.

Check him out, and tell me what you think!! My 2 Year Old Star

He Did It!!

Lord, I don’t think I thought this out completely.  How did I forget this part of raising a toddler boy?

I’m not sure if any of you have begun potty training a 2 year old boy, after your oldest is 4 months shy of turning 15 and your middle child is halfway to turning 13. Well I have!!

Can I tell you I didn’t think I would make it! This boy child was/is stubborn.  Thank God for my village; which included his daycare teachers, 2 stationary potties, a portable potty, a child training toilet seat that came connected to our toilet seat and a whole bunch of made up, yet personalized potty training songs.  Yes, it took all that.

However, I’m glad to announce that my child is potty trained and I feel like I’ve hit somebody’s jackpot.  No more Huggies pampers and Pampers wipes (well I’ve kind of grown fond of the wipes the 3rd time around,  lol.  I may keep them around just until he’s 5).  I have fallen in love with underwear shopping for my toddler.  To think I’m getting 10 pair of reusable, character underwear for less than the price of a week/month of pampers.  I’m winning!!

Nevertheless, he still likes to use his pottys, I’m guessing because they are easy to access and he can be independent all at the same time.  We have his Summer Infant My Size Potty in the bathroom, his Arm and Hammer 3 in 1 Potty in the living room and his favorite character Mickey Mouse portable potty in his bookbag.  Life is good and my toddler is potty trained.  However, since we have blown potty training out the water, I am really contemplating getting him the potty where he can stand and learn to aim.

Does anyone have this —>?The peter potty

If so please tell me your thoughts?

It’s Such An Honor

This post is long overdue.  I’ve been anticipating writing this one for the longest.  However, life got in the way.  Of course that still will not downplay my excitement when I think about the day that I received what I call the most prestigious honor, thus far in my life.  I say thus far, because I anticipate even greater, later!

Let me give you some background on the community work that I do on a daily basis, before I bestow upon you why I am still excited.  I work with and mentor youth in my community, as well as youth at my church.  The youth that I mentor in the community are from what people would consider downtrodden, gang infested neighborhoods in Chicago; as well as youth that live in areas with very few resources, to inspire hope in them to succeed.  I am also the Baptist Youth Fellowship Director at my Church.  It is a group between the ages of 12 – 18.  We do everything together; study the bible, go on fun outings, teach and show leadership, provide character building and create opportunities to show teamwork.  To let all the youth know that together we can.

As I have always stated, I love kids and I feel they need hope, encouragement, genuine love and support to make it in this world; along with a firm foundation in which to build from.  I constantly try to lead by example, in letting them know that without consistent effort, the work doesn’t mean as much.  However, when you see the work you’ve put into something, the rewards and joy is greater.

Imagine my surprise when I received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for my community efforts. presidents-volunteer-service-award I mean, an award from the White House!!  Can I tell you, the joy!!  I am beyond grateful and humbled!!!  However, the work is nowhere near done.  There is even more work to do.  As I said, I’m from Chicago and until every child is reached, helped and hopeful and capable of launching their lives from a stable and firm foundation.  My work is yet to be done.  “When you have failed the youth, you have failed the world!”  ~LaKisha Renee Brown

Can’t sleep

My inability to sleep at night causes me to wake up and write.  I’m starting to believe my fate and destiny are at work.  Maybe that’s for the best, because I think some of my best post are born out of my midnight lack of slumber.

Well here are my updates thus far:

  1. I’ve pinned the titles for the chapters in my book and I must say, I can’t wait until it’s finished.  It’s going to be awesome and very inspirational!
  2. I’m writing in my journal more often.  My thoughts, plans and feelings, are helping me become more organized and reopening those once closed doors of my creativity.
  3. I’m planning more family time, and things to do.  Which makes for happier kids and wonderful childhood memories.
  4. I’m working on planning out my meals so that I can become more creative and eventful with my cooking.
  5. I have not figured out what personal URL I want for my blog, still working on it.
  6. I have yet to start my makeup instruction classes for young ladies and women looking to learn how to create an everyday, natural look; and take that look into an evening look.  As well as teach them basic skincare techniques to maintain healthy looking skin underneath their makeup.
  7. I also want to begin to scout Chicago for new and hidden ventures that would be fun for family.
  8. This is also the week that I start my 21 day jump activities.

All of these activities will help me stay in line with the majority of my plans and goals for 2017.  I want to make this year and the years to come, more and more memorable.  I do not want to have any what ifs, I want to take advantage of everyday and make the most of it.  Charting my goals and progress is not only going to keep me on track, but maybe it will help someone else.  We’ll see!!

9 Days In

My goal to be consistent this year, is going as good as can be expected.  I have begun keeping a journal again.  It mostly contains my thoughts, plans for the day and/or what my day consisted of, as well as goals that I have begun completing and crossing off this year.  I’m glad to say that I am off to a great start, considering I’m 9 days in.  This is my 2 post this year.  I plan to keep this up!!

I can honestly say that when you are born to do something.  Thoughts, ideas, and creativity just seems to come out of the woodwork and you should act on it, or your purpose will be stagnated.  With that said, I have so much material to share with you for this blog, and I’ll reiterate, we’re only 9 days into the new year; which fills me with great joy.  I can’t wait to impart with you my plans that are on the horizon, and also get your feedback on other issues of importance to me.  I am also planning to do the Jump Challenge with Steve Harvey and other members of the Harvey Nation.  I logged in to do it the first time around, but I knew there were other goals I wanted to begin on and complete first.  I checked every email and logged the task for that day in my goal book (yes I have a professional looking book that I write all of my plans, goals and accomplishments in.  It also serves as a way of keeping myself on track and keeping my goals in front of my face daily)  As I accomplish each goal, I cross it off and move to the next one.  I love this jump challenge and I will start it officially on tomorrow. This works best for my schedule and I can only move to the beat of my own drum if I plan to accomplish my goals in my time frames this go around.  My 9 days has started off with a bang!!

Have any of you started/finished the Jump Challenge the first time around, or is this going to be your first time doing it? What goals have you accomplished thus far for the new year?  If you plan to start, let me know, so that we can be each other’s accountability partners.